Friday, June 25, 2010

The Stories

This evening, after attending a fundraiser for my college professor's daughter's theater group (I heart NY!) I went to a friend's apartment in the financial district (he claims it's called FiDi now, I refute that but am open to debate.) While I love this friend greatly (ladies, he's single! If you want to meet one of the most genuine, hilariously-dorky, engaged and intelligent men in NYC shoot me an email), I do not love the wall street area.

Yes, yes there are movies on the Elevated Acre and free ferries to and from Governor's Island, but so much of the diverse charm of New York, the independent shops and other-worldly eateries are missing down below Chambers. (I am sure many of you will disagree, please do! And send me advice for where to go on my Trinity Church date!)

BUT when we climbed the stairs through a not-yet-bought penthouse (yea recession) to the expansive unfinished rooftop I literally gasped and practically fell to my knees. Hundreds of thousands of blinking lights, windowed desks, car taillights on third avenue and bridge pillars lay in an unending expanse right below us. This was a part of FiDi I could get behind. I swear, every day something makes me fall in love with this city again and tonight it was the idea of the fantasy that makes our city so incredibly unique. From where we sat people partied on rooftops and plugged away at work, streets were empty, others were bustling, and every single reflection had a story behind it. It's the fantasy's that make our city so appealing; the fact that a girl who started a blog to get out of a schlump can end up having you read her words, and that two people can find each other in a sea of millions.

Many people have begun sharing their NY love stories with me through email and I'd love to share more on this blog. While I have some hilarious "fails" (another post, don't you worry!) I'd love to hear more of the "wins". So please, if you like, tell your NY love story below in the comments and wish some luck on us all still looking for ours.



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  1. My dearest Ellay,

    One correction. You didn't "practically" fall to your knees. You *did* :)