Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Clarification

Alright my friends, we are mere hours away from the weekend. Mere hours away from the total freedom and bliss of a full 48 hours without work. I love my work, I truly do, and couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life at the moment, but I need the breaks to walk barefoot on Coney Island, do circus yoga in central park, catch a vaudeville show at Galapagos art space, and, of course, to date.

I promise you, the dates are coming, at the latest I should have my first date/key post on Sunday. (I know, the anticipation is killing us, me most of all). However I feel I should give a clarification of the deep dark underlying motives of this project.

Here goal is to find a relationship (there, I said it, all guys just looking for random fun may now exit the building and run in fear!) I know, you all thought I was looking to cash in on the obviously raging market for witty girls writing blogs (see Julie and Julia or Sex and the City, actually, don't, both movies kind of sucked). But no, I'm a much more humble girl, I'm looking for actual real dates with people who I actually have chemistry with (or at least the potential of chemistry with). I want to be with someone who knows that's what they are looking for too. No gimmicks (aside from the whole key/city/art project idea), no fake dates, I'm really looking for whatever "love" is out there in this fantastic city of ours.

Truth be told I've taken a few months off of dating due to my attempts to really figure out what it is I want and what it is I am looking for. I came so far as to acknowledge that I have no f'in clue and at least that's a start! For a while I thought I was done with it altogether, the dating, the confusion, the mixed messages and unanswered texts. I figured I'd give up and let the like come to me.

Because, let's face it, dating can kind of suck. You get hurt, you hurt people, you move on, you move in. There's a lot of push and pull, give and take, and all the chick flicks about "how to lose a guy" and telling you "he's just not that into you" have not made anything any easier. I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted analyzing the subtleties of a facebook message or a held hand. It's exhausting and I just want it to be FUN again. To get butterflies in my stomach or, if I don't, to at least have joy in their absence.

I hope this project will allow me to see dating for what it is, something meant to be fun, something that often won't work out but something that, if it does, can totally rock your world. Using 24 sites will force me to get off my butt on 24 evenings and actually go out with a complete stranger and focus on the experience and the exploration of the city and of each other. Key to the City has actually gotten me excited about dating again. Instead of wondering if we'll click or stressing about what to say, my dating life is now, literally, incorporated into a piece of art. Instead of worrying about what it MAY be I can just focus on what it IS: another adventure in NYC. One that, just may, turn into an adventure in my life.

Happy searching to us all.



  1. Interested in a date with the brother of the artist? Nope, I'm nothing like him, but it's one extra gimmick that should be allowed!

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  3. Yes! Definitely interested! Shoot me an email at, my newly created gmail account for precisely this purpose :)