Monday, June 7, 2010

The Idea

Four years ago I moved in with my one true love, New York City. It's getting pretty serious but I think it's safe to say we're deep enough in our relationship to give polyamory a try and to let someone else in.

I love dating in this city because you never know who you are going to meet and you never know where you are going to meet them. Trouble is sometimes you then don't know what to do.

Movies,plays, comedy shows, etc are all amazing but I've spent way too many first dates confusing my love of the piece with my like of the person I'm seeing it with. Grabbing a beer is pretty recommended by all these dating sites and gurus and yet I feel like I'm letting my true love down if all I can come up with to do with her (him? is NYC gendered) is hanker down over a wine glass. Plus, if the date sucks what have you gotten out of it aside from a slight hangover and an empited wallet? Thus, I needed a plan, something to ensure that every date meant furthering my relationship with my one true love.

Along comes Key to the City. Bringing together public art, shared space, and secrets and intrigue, getting one of these 25,000 suckers allows you into all sorts of hidden corridors, chambers, gardens and boxes from the bronx to staten island. Better yet, it's all free. Plus, I've got two keys...

So sitting on the subway with coworkers I came up with this brilliant plan, combine my love of dating, with the love of the city and all it offers. If I find love, they get my second key, if not well I just visited 24 secret spots of my favorite place on earth.

Here goes!


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