Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Date with the New York Times

Well it has been quite the trip of a 24 hours, let me tell you! From being on the front page of the New York Times for approximately 45 minutes last night, to having elementary school friends come out of the woodwork that is facebook to email me, to getting emails from literary and hollywood agents, it has been one heck of a day. I have since learned a few lessons I would like to share with you all.

1) In this day and age, news spreads like wildfires under the bush administration and haters will be drinking their hater-ade!
A few websites have since picked up the story and I've first learned that commenters can be so mean! It's amazing how someone can read three sentences about someone else and decide they know their life story.

2) Never underestimate the power of the NYTimes. I started this blog as a fun way to chronical my dating life when I had grown discouraged of the whale-mouth sized dating pool that is manhattan. When the times contacted me I was excited to say yes, having the worshipping-child like posture I reserve for the greatest paper on the east coast. I had no idea it would ripple as it has!

3) Watch your back. Since being featured I've had a number of interesting interactions, from guys I've dated on this sight, to exes, to reporters, all getting in touch with me with seemingly innocent plans when really you know they have their own agenda. Trust your instincts my love and stay alert!

4) Even little acts can inspire:
I have been incredibly touched by all those who have reached out to me telling me the ways in which this story has brought wonder and love to their own lives. Some recently single ladies, recently divorced men, even couples, have emailed me to share with me their own new york city tales of love and loss and how this tiny blog inspired them to fall in love with their city all over again. I truly believe that my journey is not unique,but is one we are all sharing together. This city is full of amazing people, doing amazing things, and I am just honored to be a part of the celebration of life and love.

Today I bought two note cards for myself that I think reflect the current state of my being since my crazy story broke yesterday. The first states: "Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary." The second, "Life isn't divided into genres. It's a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel." (Uta Hagen and Alan Moore, respectively). I do not want my life to be so divided as we make ourselves out to be every day. I do not want to be one person in my successful work career and another in my personal life. I want to be me, utterly, skippingly, pollyanna-ish believing-anything-is-possible-for-anyone me, works my butt off for social justice me, can't help falling in love with life me.

I hope that this tiny contribution allows you to be more of yourself, more of the time, as well.

Sprinkled throughout this posting are pictures from the NYTimes crew on my dates. There will be no more mass media accompanying me on the actual dates (though I haven't ruled out anything else), that's not really what this is about. But I could not have hoped for a more joyful group to accompany me on my quest, Randy, Evan and Piotr, you are all invited to my wedding, should it ever take place. Special thanks to Randy Kennedy and Piotr Redlinski for making an incredibly awkward situation as delightful as possible.

And not to worry, more dates are coming this weekend, as well as updates from the past.

Love to NY and all the dreamers out there,



  1. Wow! Way to stay true to the cause. It's very inspiring and I genuinely hope you find exactly what you're looking for.

  2. Found out about this blog from the NYT article. Hope to have time to go back and read some of the posts. I'm an NC boy but I love NYC myself.

  3. Lauren..I just love reading your blog. You really have a unique way with words. I lived/loved in NYC in the 60s..and yes, found my one true love..albeit at the Jersey Shore. He had the most wonderful apt in the Village..I lived with 3 other women on 63rd Street. We loved exploring NY. Bob took me to the most offbeat restaurants..Menensha, The Whaler, Luchows, El Faro and a year after we met (yes, at a bar..but, a nice beach long gone) we got married and we now have 2 sons that we adore. Here is a tip from someone who has been married for 45 years..Don't divorce a DECENT man! You can change him..but, another woman will scoop him up very quickly..why? because decent men are keepers. Does he love animals? Does he drink in monderation? Does he work hard? Does he like the outdoors..and most important IS HE GENEROUS? Yes, a cheapskate man is totally intolerable. You will begin to hate him! Good luck. You are lovely!!! You are a breath of fresh are unselfish.. I so love reading your blog! Best regards, Helen

  4. Thank you all for the positivity!!!