Monday, June 7, 2010

The Challenge

Thanks to the New York Times, I've got some new visitors, here's my initial post explaining my project. I hope you enjoy and pick up your own key this weekend!

Take one single girl, the most inspiring public art project yet, and summer in New York City and you have the idea for a perfect blog:

Key2thecity, key2my heart.

After being presented with the key to the city and now having the ability to unlock 24 secret sights around all five boroughs, 24 dates will be had throughout the summer, seeing if both love and intrigue can exist in the city where no one sleeps.

The rules:

1) Every first date this summer must somehow incorporate a key to the city site:

2) Each sight can only be visited once before another sight is visited.

3) Men or women may be repeated before sites, meaning that a site may be visited on a second date if the man or woman warranted a second visit.

4) No ex-boyfriends allowed as sight visits unless they too are warranting a second visit.

5) As the key to the city project is to expand our city horizons, each site visit date must also incorporate a food or drink spot never before tried.

5) Whoever wins my heart also wins my second key to the city.

6) Have fun, love life, love NYC, love love.,



PS. Shoot me an email at if you're interested in visiting a site with me!


  1. Youre awesome.

    Ryan from Creative Time.

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  3. I'm following your story, curious where it goes!

  4. So honored you are following! Hopefully I'll create even more wonder with your piece!

  5. Reading through comments, Ryan, meant to respond to you with "YOU guys are awesome. You rock!" Clearly failed in excitement of your finding me! First date was yesterday, blogging about dates 2-3 tomorrow!



  6. YOU, my friend, are super-adorable.

  7. wandered onto the blog from nytimes. love the idea of it all, good luck finding love l.a.!

  8. This is such a great blog! NYC is an amazing city and what a fun idea you have to embrace the city and dating! :) Good luck with everything!