Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Updates (In Verse!)

So many of you, myself included, are asking "so what has happened with all these guys whom you discuss so eloquently on your blog"? Well, my friends, I do believe it would be entirely unfair to lay out the ups and downs of each guy, as they were certainly not signing up for a dissection of their summer loves, just mine. Thus, as there have been nine dates nine different guys, I've composed the below poem for your enjoyment regarding each of their status in my love life. Long story short, I'm still looking. Apologies in advance for my dorkiness, putting things is verse just makes things more delightful.

Eight Little Men, in NYC
Eight little men in NYC
Eight chances at love
Eight chances at glee
Their only common denominator?

One man was a delightful,
Sweet, pondering, not a boast
Too bad he's set on living
In the opposite coast

Another had style
But there wasn't a spark
Though he was dapperly dressed
Inside Bryant Park

Another full of pizazz
And stories and lore
Took too long to make contact
I think him I did bore

One was not a man
But a dear loving friend
At least I know she'll remain
Until this story's end

Which leaves four little men in NYC
Four chances at love
Four chances at glee
Their only common denominator?

One was so handsome
And driven and smart
But worried me with his speed
Made me unsure of my heart

With one guy 'twas smooth sailing
He was quirky and fun
Though he fell for another
I wasn't his "one"

Another had promise
He was dashing and brave
I didn't feel the romance
Though it I badly did crave

And finally, my favorite
Full of sparkle and light
Disintegrated into thin air
With not even a fight.

Which leaves, one little woman in NYC
full of hope and wonder and even a key
What adventure is next?
Well, just wait and see.

I'm off to Cali tonight for one week but hopefully will have some fun posts while I am away. Stay cool in this heat all!

In Rhyme,


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