Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Hello my dear readers,

Today, this very day, I am asking something from all of YOU! That's right, I've been giving you mild entertainment as you take those "click breaks" during work and I'm asking for a little help in return. I'm hoping that somewhere out in the universe someone MIGHT have an extra ticket to the Moth Grand Slam this upcoming Wednesday at the Highline since I sat on my too long to buy one and my recent addiction to their podcast needs real life feeding.

Anyone? Anyone?

What I need to give something up?

Alright, Alright!

Below, please find my most favorite FREE things to do with your summer in NYC, enjoy! More will come if I score a ticket!



Floating Kaberette at Galapagos Art Space (Saturdays)

Hudson River Movies (Wednesday and Friday Nights)

Anything in the Garden at 6th Street and Ave B

Asssscat3000 Comedy (Sunday Nights) 

Bryant Park Movies (Monday Nights)

Moondance Dancing on the Hudson (Sunday Nights) 

Movies on the Elevated Acre

Broadway Stars Softball League

And, of course, all the ways to see Shakespeare:

In the Park                    On the Run                       In the Parking Lot

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