Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh My God It's Been a Week

A week without blogging! Not that I assume you are all waiting on what is happening with my love life but apologies to the existence of this project nonetheless. Soon I will post about date eleven which took place last Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum with the delightful Scott and I've got another date lined up for the weekend to one of the key sites I am most excited about of all!

Other than that my last week was spent running into Western, MA to paddleboat by moonlight with high school friends, wishing everyone and their mother "congrats (endless exclamation point!)" on facebook for getting engaged, happening upon art gallery openings in Soho and CD releases in DUMBO, and even, finally, cleaning out my suitcase from CA (yes, I too realize this is insane as I got back almost two weeks ago).

So, in short, my lovelies, expect updates soon and have the most fabulous weekend of all time.



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