Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Only in New York

Only in New York can you have a stressed day,
full of clients and motions, phone messages at bay
Get home late, go to exchange some cheese
The kind they gave you was not what you please

Only in New York can you head round the block
After cranking AC till the heat wave is stopped
Skip into a deli, walk to the meat section
Look to your left and make a connection

Only in New York is there such witty banter
Of utensil stealing, rhythmic as a cantor
You wait in the aisle pretending to look for a sweet
Step behind him in line, your eyes again meet

Only in New York do you share the same road
Yappie puppies and hipsters, last night's pie a la mode
Line the street as you exchange your names and professions
Makes you realize why pick ups are such an obsession

Only in New York, may all this take place
Unless, of course, you allow for the space
For only in new york, though true as it may be
Is really,  just an open, possibility.

Stay tuned for updates from this delightful little adventure, brought to you by L.A. and the deli counter folks who accidentally gave her American, instead of cheddar, cheese.

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